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Management Systems

ICMQ certifies management systems, which ensure the ability of a manufacturer or service provider to structure and manage its resources and production processes.

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Materials and Products

ICMQ voluntary certifications ensure that the entire output - not just a sample of the product - is compliant with the manufacturer's declaration. They therefore constitute a guarantee of quality.

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Inspections and Audits

ICMQ carries out testing for the validation of plans, the technical checking of buildings for the purposes of decennial liability insurance and, more generally, testing and certification of compliance for products and services.

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With its skills certification, ICMQ documents that a person possesses certain skills and knowledge described in the benchmark standards, in laws or in the documentation of the certifying body.

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Buildings and Infrastructure

ICMQ offers services related to voluntary certification in accordance with the protocols of Envision, Leed, Breeam, Itaca, Arca and GBC Italia. It also carries out energy diagnoses and audits, checks on acoustic performance and statutory energy certification.

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ICMQ's Energy department offers certification to guarantee the operators, products and processes which play a strategic role in the European programme of energy efficiency.



ICMQ offers numerous services geared to guaranteeing the credibility of a firm's declarations regarding the sustainability of its processes, products and buildings.


The structure of ICMQ is streamlined yet highly specialised. Each type of certification is headed by a single individual, backed by specialised experts.

Some 30 employees are based in the Milan headquarters, and more than 60 qualified inspectors operate all over the country.

ICMQ Certification and testing for the construction industry


The placing of construction products on the UK market after Brexit
UKCA Trademark and ICMQ - BBA Agreement

As of January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union. The process of detachment of Great Britain, known as "Brexit", took place, under various aspects, in a "no deal" way, that is, without a precise agreement between the parties, which regulated mutual relations and consequently commercial exchanges.

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Proud to be Italian

It was an honor and a source of pride for us to host three days of important work from September 26th to 28th in Milan with all the European Program Operators which issue the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration).

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CEN Clarification about pull out test (EN124-1): regulation for manhole covers updated

The EN 124-1 standard, in its 2015 version, introduced a new concept for road safety: the Pull Out test. The test would avoid the "suck" effect of the manhole covers on high traffic roads, creating problems for pedestrian safety and for the vehicles themselves. The test, in fact, verifies the endurance of the binding system that the manufacturer has decided to use to anchor the cover to the frame avoiding the detachment.

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