ICMQ certifies professional figures in accordance with UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024. Skills certification documents that a person possesses certain skills, knowledge and abilities described in the benchmark standards, in laws or in the documentation of the certifying body.

The publication of law no. 4 of 14/01/2013, "Regulations for non-organised professions", recognises and regulates all those professions not covered by a specific legal framework and not obliged to be listed in registers or join associations. The law offers the possibility to voluntarily certify professionals who carry out activities for which UNI technical standards are in place. Certification must be issued by an independent and accredited third body, such as ICMQ, in order to guarantee reliability and impartiality throughout the evaluation process.

Opting for certification has considerable benefits for a firm:

  • it provides evidence that the firm operates according to the best practices recognised at European level;
  • in the event of disputes it simplifies evidence of having acted with maximum diligence and professionalism;
  • it distinguishes those firms on the market which have decided to entrust the verification of their personal and professional abilities to an independent and impartial certifying body.

ICMQ is a third-party certification body accredited by Accredia and specialised in the construction sector.

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