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ICMQ issues both statutory certifications - in other words, obligatory in accordance with the legal requirements for the construction sector - and voluntary product certifications, a kind of "direct" assurance of product quality which guarantees compliance with pre-established standards in line with technical standards or other regulatory frameworks.
ICMQ is:

  • a body listed by the ministers of the European Community for the purposes of granting the EC brand for construction products, in compliance with European directive UE 305/2011;
  • a body licensed by the Council of Public Works (decree 28/06/06) to certify industrial concrete production plants in accordance with the new technical standards for construction (ministerial decree 14/01/2008);
  • a body accredited by Accredia for the testing and validation of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for the International EPD System®, as well as the voluntary certification of a series of products for construction.

ICMQ has introduced a scheme for the certification of the performance and sustainability of products, as an independent third-party guarantee of the manufacturer's declarations, with the aim of encouraging products conforming to the principles of environmental sustainability. Furthermore, ICMQ carries out validation of self-declared Environmental Statements drafted by manufacturers seeking to highlight the sustainable properties of a product, such as, for example, the percentage of recycled materials used, as stipulated in the standard UNI EN ISO 14021.

Lastly, ICMQ has developed Make It Sustainable, a new model for the certification of the process that determines whether a given product, site or service has been produced, handled and delivered according to principles of sustainability.


ICMQ is a third-party certification body accredited by Accredia and specialised in the construction sector.

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