The Members

Besides the founding members, the ICMQ Institute consists of the following:

  • national sector associations in the construction industry and general building, as well as similar or complementary sectors or those relevant to the Institute's aims; firms and bodies for the management of public services, end users of products and services connected to the Institute's field of activity (de facto members);
  • ministries and state bodies in relevant sectors (de jure members);
  • non-profit-making associations, consortiums, bodies, organisations and institutions operating in the Institute's field of expertise (aggregate members).

De facto members


National association of industrial brick-makers


National association of recycled aggregates producers


Italian association of producers of additives and products for concrete


National association of concrete structures manufacturers


Technical-economic association of prefabricated concrete


Italian Association for operators in the bitumen sector


De jure members


Aggregate members


National association of Leca lightweight aggregate producers


ICMQ is a third-party certification body accredited by Accredia and specialised in the construction sector.

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