Management Systems

The voluntary certification of management systems guarantees the ability of a manufacturer or service provider to structure and manage its resources and production processes in order to meet given quality criteria - economic, environmental, ethical, safety - by means of compliance with requirements stipulated by legal and regulatory frameworks.

The certification of management systems, then, is an "indirect" form of quality assurance.

Among the most recent services offered by ICMQ and accredited by Accredia are the statutory ESCO certification and those of firms operating in the F gas sector.

Accredia accreditation

ICMQ is an Accredia-recognised body for the certification of management systems for quality, environmental standards and health and safety at work, and it also certifies energy management and social responsibility systems.

ACCREDIA – Ente Italiano di Accreditamento

ISPRA accreditation

ICMQ is also accredited by Ispra (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) for the verification of environmental analyses and systems for environmental management and for the validation of environmental declarations for the purposes of EMAS registration (Eco Management and Audit Scheme); it carries out checking on reports of greenhouse gas emissions (Emissions Trading), in accordance with the authorisation granted by the Ministry of Environment and the Protection of Land and Sea.

Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale

ICMQ is a third-party certification body accredited by Accredia and specialised in the construction sector.

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