Inspections and Audits

ICMQ is an independent third party inspection body (type A) recognised by Accredia (registration no. 007/E) in accordance with UNI CEI EN ISO 17020 standard, and carries out checking for the validation of plans and technical testing for constructions.

The verification service for the validation of plans, in accordance with article 26 of legislative decree 50/2016 (Code for Tenders and Concessions), consists of carrying out all the necessary checks so that the person in charge of the procedure for a public project can, prior to initiating the tendering process, verify the plan and vouch for its quality, technical/economic adequacy and compliance with regulations.

Technical oversight of constructions has the purpose of allowing insurance companies to issue decennial liability policies, which the builders - of private or public works - are obliged to provide in order to protect the public-sector client or the buyer of a new property from damage due to total or partial ruin or serious construction defects. More generally, as an inspection body, ICMQ offers a service of testing and associated certification for the compliance of products and services in the construction sector to contractual criteria, applicable regulations and specific performance qualities.

ICMQ is also a body authorised by the Ministry of Economic Development to carry out checks on equipment for the undergrounding of electric cables, as stated in presidential decree 462/01.

For public administration, tendering stations and any individual interested in inspection services such as attendance at the Product Unit Registry (e.g. checking plans for the purposes of validation), technical verification and third-party inspections, we can be contacted via


ICMQ is a third-party certification body accredited by Accredia and specialised in the construction sector.

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